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Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center

BHSC is an institutional partner of WBCS and provides a key component of the school's literacy curriculum, Language to Literacy ("L2L"). L2L is a proprietary program developed by BHSC and is taught by certified speech and language pathologists. In addition, BHSC provides the school's related services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Both Buffalo Hearing and Speech and West Buffalo Charter School emphasize the importance of literacy.

D’Youville College

As an institutional partner, D'Youvile College ("DYC") and WBCS work collaboratively to improve instruction at WBCS while helping to develop future teachers. WBCS is proud to provide quality student teaching placements and observation experiences to DYC education students. Robert Gamble, PhD, professor of education, has also developed an early childhood tennis start-up program for West Buffalo Charter School kindergartners through a grant from the Eastern Junior Tennis Foundation.

Buffalo State College

West Buffalo Charter School maintains a partnership with the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center (VSLC) and has hosted many Buffalo State service learners for ENL and enrichment tutoring

Buffalo Public Schools

West Buffalo Charter School maintains a partnership with Buffalo Public Schools to provide breakfast and lunch services as well as Committee on Special Education (CSE) services.

Buffalo String Works

Buffalo String Works (BSW) aims to benefit an under-served population on Buffalo’s West Side by creating an enriching musical community—providing high-quality instruction on stringed instruments and performance opportunities.

WBCS' partnership with BSW provides after-school violin lessons for a group of refugee and immigrant students. 

Sierra Leone Cultural Alliance of WNY

With the generous support of Rich Products, The Sierra Leone Cultural Alliance directs an English Enrichment after-school program at WBCS for students learning English as a New Language. 

Cradle Beach Camp

Cradle Beach's Living Classrooms Program is offered after school to WBCS students in Grades 2-5.  Engaging hands-on activities allow students to explore, learn, and create, blending science concepts with critical thinking to create a fun and authentic learning environment.  The program is aligned with NYS Next Generation Science Standards.

Cradle Beach also offers a 7-to-10 day summer camp for WBCS students.