West Buffalo Charter School and the Burchfield Penney Art Center are celebrating the second year of a three year partnership. This partnership, consisting of both visits to The Center and museum docent visits to the school, is designed to provide the children with a rich understanding of their diverse community and the significance of a regional center to their lives.

The children were introduced to Mr. Burchfield and Dr. Penney, and learned of their important legacy, and why The Center is named after these two extraordinary men. The children also learned about the building, the collection and how the art reflects the culture of the region.

Docents work with the children to create personal experiences. Each museum session includes art-making in the studio classroom, touring an exhibition, and an exercise in Ekphrastic WritingMuseum Manners were also part of each museum visit.

Through these activities, students practice evoking their five senses, explaining their points of view, using their imaginations, describing themselves through collage making, painting like Burchfield, and reflecting on the overall museum experience.

Thank you to Mrs. Mary Kozub, Curator of Education Programs at The Center, for facilitating the partnership and contributing to this article!

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