In February 2016, The New York State Board of Regents approved West Buffalo Charter School’s request to expand our highly successful K through 4 program to include middle school, thus allowing us to keep students in our unique literacy-based program all the way through eighth grade.  In just two short years, WBCS has made a lot of progress that we are excited to share!

The middle school expansion project, valued at almost $12 million, was designed as a two-phased project with the first phase beginning in July 2016.  The first phase resulted in the modern two-story addition located on the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Dewitt Street which now houses grades 4 through 6, an auxiliary gym, related services, and space for a future pre-K program.

The second phase began in June 2017 and will be completed exactly one year later in June 2018.  This much larger four-story addition on the Barton Street side will house the new main lobby, middle school classrooms, and the long-awaited full-size gymnasium.  The sixth grade classrooms will move to this new middle school building resulting in deliberate physical and program separation of:  primary, intermediate, and middle school grades.

The completed campus will feature:

  • total enrollment of 500 students in grades K through 8;
  • twenty-three main classrooms;
  • new music, band, chorus, art, and STEAM rooms;
  • a full-size gymnasium with mezzanine with expanding sports programs;
  • a stage for student performances;
  • an expanded, modern health center;
  • new administrative offices;
  • a state of the art security system;
  • and common meeting areas for community partners and wrap-around services.

Building upon the demonstrated success of our early childhood program, the WBCS middle school will continue to provide students with a solid academic and social-emotional foundation that will serve them well in high school and beyond. To see young people of different cultures, languages, and abilities learning happily and successfully together through middle school is a fulfillment of our founders’ original dream.

We are so excited to unveil this amazing new space in June to all of our students and families.  Details of the open house will be forthcoming.  Thank you to our entire school community for your support and patience through this expansion process!