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Important Message

  • To Our WBCS School Community: 

    We are writing to you with overwhelming feelings of sorrow, outrage, and dismay following the death of George Floyd and the events and turmoil that have transpired over the past few days. We cannot remain silent on this. We need our students, staff and families of color to know that we care, you are important, and you are not alone. WBCS stands with you.

    WBCS was founded on the principles of diversity; we are incredibly proud of the diverse community we have built over the past eight years. However, our sentiments and actions need to go beyond celebrating diversity but unequivocally defending it.  We  need to be clear in our message that WBCS is a school that will not support racial or ethnic inequality.  We need all of our students to know they are valued and loved.  We need all families to feel welcome when they walk through our doors.  We must continue our conversations about race which includes examining our practices and removing obstacles that contribute to systemic inequities. We must foster a culture of inclusion – for students, families and staff.  

    As we find ourselves separated during the pandemic, it poses a challenge to connect and provide emotional support in the same way we typically would.  But know we are here.  Our administrators, teachers, and social worker will continue to work hard to provide support to our students and families.  We will post resources on how to talk with children about violence, racism and traumatic events.  We will provide guidance to our teachers so they can discuss the issue in an age-appropriate manner. We want our students to feel supported.  However, please feel free to contact us if you feel as though your child may need additional support. 

    We will continue to ask for your support to insure that WBCS remains a place where everyone receives the compassion, empathy and humanity they deserve.  


    WBCS School Administration and the Board of Trustees 

Academic Model

Extended School Day

The school day may begin as early as 7:15 for those attending the Jump Start program. Classroom instruction takes place from 8:00 until 3:30.

Curriculum Extension (CE)

Art, Music, Physical Education, and our unique STEAM program are essential for educating the whole child. Each day students attend a CE for forty-five minutes. Physical Education takes place twice per week.  Literacy and Mathematics are embedded in the CE curricula. CE teachers and classroom teachers collaborate to provide extension activities for material taught in the classroom.


Class sizes are kept small to maximize instruction by utilizing multiple adults in the classroom.  Each Kindergarten-Grade 5 classroom is staffed with one NYS fully certified Classroom Teacher and one Resident Teacher or Classroom Aide.  Resident Teachers and Classroom Aides participate in the co-teaching model.  Students receive a large amount of small group instruction based on this model and from the educational professionals staffed in the classroom.  These educational professionals and the high teacher to student ratio allow for more nuturing, individualized and differentiated student instruction, and programming to take place on a daily basis.

Differentiated Instruction

A commonly heard WBCS phrase goes: "everyone gets what they need."

WBCS prides itself on meeting student needs by providing instruction at their level. Teachers tailor instruction to meet individual needs. Teachers may differentiate the content, process, product, or learning environment.

WBCS utilizes a gradual release instructional model in which teachers provide explicit instruction and then scaffold the student toward an independent task.

Academic Intervention Services/Response to Intervention (RtI)

Your child will complete a Universal Screening given to all students at West Buffalo Charter School in grades K-8 to identify academic strengths and weaknesses four times per school year. In addition, where applicable, NYS ELA and Math Assessment data will determine if your child qualifies for additional academic support.

When working with the RtI Intervention Group, your child will be receiving 30 minutes of small group, intensive, targeted instruction based on his/her area of need. Receiving RtI services does not necessarily mean that your child is below grade level. RtI is intended to be a proactive approach to make sure a child’s learning is solidified in all areas across a grade level.

Consultant Teachers

Special Education teachers meet the needs of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) in the classroom setting by collaborating with the classroom teacher to meet IEP goals.

Self-Contained 8:1:1

WBCS proudly houses two multi-age “classes” of Self-Contained: one for the primary grades and one for the upper grades.  Both classes are staffed with fully certified Special Education Teachers, Classroom Aides, and Personal Care Aides (if applicable). 

English as a New Language

English as a New Language teachers also collaborate closely with the classroom teacher to provide instruction to students acquiring and mastering the English language.

Win-Win Philosophy

WBCS follows the Win-Win Philosophy, which emphasizes positive relationships, creative conflict resolution, problem solving, and intrinsic motivation. The method was developed by education researcher Dr. Jane Bluestein.

Content Support Teacher

The Middle School houses two Content Support Teachers: one in ELA and one in Math.  These teachers teach core content to small groups, assist the teacher during instructional time to facilitate students' opportunities to learn, collaborate with core content areas, monitor student progress, etc.